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Choose three reasons to Sumit

Three reasons to choose Sumit


Sumit —— Only original authentic

Each product sold for the conductor has serial number tracking, nationwide warranty. We solemnly promise: only the original authentic.

Sumit —— Professional focus, rich industry experience

Cooperate with Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other generations to optimize procurement resources, refine local superior products, enhance product competitive advantages, purchase from high-quality products, quality products, optimize sales, thereby improving product cost performance, so that you do not Then you need to shop around and provide one-stop matching.

Sumit —— Full product, sufficient inventory, excellent price, fast delivery

In the emergency situation, the Pearl River Delta arrives in 2-4 hours and arrives in China 24 hours.

Massive inventory, scientific management, saving intermediate link costs, the biggest benefit to customers, to achieve cooperation and win-win.



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Sales Center: After ten years of development, the company has a high-quality marketing team with first-class efficiency and first-class service. Customers from all over the world have become suppliers of many large-scale machinery manufacturing enterprises in mainland China and even Southeast Asia, India, Europe and America. , its perfect sales network, strong technical force and high price advantage, bring the greatest economic benefits to customers.

        Technology Center: Strong technical force, with a group of engineering and technical personnel with rich theoretical and practical experience. Long-term undertake automation engineering projects, technology development, installation and commissioning and consulting training, to provide users with comprehensive technical support and efficient and efficient after-sales service. Adhering to the service concept of "paying equal attention to service and value", it has always penetrated all fields of the industry.

        Repair Center: The experienced maintenance personnel will take care of the commissioning and maintenance of PLC, inverter and servo system of each brand to solve your needs as quickly as possible. After decades of operation, we will continue to innovate and help the conductive products. Every time the customers are sure, we will continue to work harder!