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Driving Solutions

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Motors are widely used in industrial applications. Whether it is a special type of DC, AC or stepper motor or brushless DC motor, motor plays an important role in the operation of automated machines in industrial environment. There is a motor drive subsystem in every motor system. Broadcom provides a large number of product solutions for this subsystem, including optocoupler, optical fiber solution and rotary and motion control encoder (see Figure 1).

With the increasing awareness of global energy and the refocusing of motor energy efficiency in various industries around the world, industrial motor drive design faces new technical challenges in terms of components and systems related to energy, size, performance, reliability and safety. Modern motor drives are equipped with the best high voltage protection, which is expected to drive larger currents while ensuring high efficiency, reliability and accuracy. Broadcom has a large number of unique product portfolios, which can solve many technical problems faced by today's electrical system designers.

  • Maximizing efficiency

  • Ensuring high reliability

  • High Precision Control

  • Unparalleled isolation protection

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