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ABB Control and Protection Scheme for High Energy Efficiency Motor

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Hanover, April 13, 2015 - ABB Group, the global leader in power and automation technology, can support the integrated use of IE3 energy efficiency grade motors and circuit breakers, contactors and motor starters.

"All ABB low voltage equipment is suitable for motors with IE2 and IE3 energy efficiency grades. And as a compact solution, ABB low-voltage equipment can achieve more control functions in a smaller space, thereby reducing the occupancy of the control cabinet. Ruben Ferraresi, product manager of ABB Low Voltage Products Business, said, "Our products are 30% smaller than the average size of similar products on the market, but they are fully functional and can help users improve productivity."

The regulations of the Energy Related Products Directive (ErP) for IE3 high-efficiency motors with rated power of 7.5-375 kW came into force on January 1, 2015. It requires manufacturers to upgrade motor designs or add variable speed drives.

ABB has been providing IE3 motors for a long time, and now it has begun to promote more efficient IE4 motors, leading a more efficient way to save energy. The modern IE4 motor has higher energy efficiency because of its innovative design. Starting current will increase and inrush current will occur during motor starting, which will affect the selection of motor starting components and short circuit protection devices. But even if the starting current increases by 25% compared with the normal operation, ABB can still provide users with high energy efficiency, high cost performance and small space for motor starting.

User-friendly online selection tool

ABB can provide low-voltage equipment protection selection table specially for IE2 and IE3 motor starting and protection schemes. Different types of starting modes (such as direct starting, star triangle starting and soft starting) have different product options.

The soft starter provided by ABB can effectively reduce the impact of large starting current, and allow the selection of smaller specifications of contactors and short circuit protection devices.